Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard

Everyone has something to hide - especially high school juniors Spencer, Aria, Emily, and Hanna.

Spencer covets her sister's boyfriend. Aria's fantasizing about her English teacher. Emily's crushing on the new girl at school. Hanna uses some ugly tricks to stay beautiful.

But they've all kept an even bigger secret since their friend Alison vanished.

How do I know? Because I know everything about the bad girls they were, the naughty girls they are, and all the dirty secrets they've kept. And guess what? I'm telling.

I've had the first three books in this series for quite some time, I've just never gotten around to reading them. There just always seemed to be something else in my reading pile that I was anxious to get to right away. I finally started it when I wanted a break from the paranormal stories that I normally devour. I saw Brandi from Life After Twilight review it on her YouTube channel. After hearing her positive thoughts on the series I thought it was time that I get to it.

What a fun book! It was a suspenseful, guilty pleasure type read. It's full of betrayal, friendship, gossip, high school rivalries, romance, with a murder mystery as it's central storyline. The 'who done it' premise is great, and will keep you turning the pages wondering which secret will be revealed next. Pretty Little Liars is the first book (there are currently 7 in publication) and sets up the mystery that will play out in future novels. It all begins in seventh grade when Alison disappears during a slumber party. A few years go by and the rest of the girls have drifted apart, continuing life by going their separate ways. Suddenly, each of the girls begins to get messages that reveal deep secrets from the past - secrets only Alison could know. Here's where the mystery begins. Throw in some romance, family issues, and personal struggles - and you get a pretty enjoyable read!

If you're looking for a series with great "depth" or "meaning", this may not be the best choice for you. However, if you're looking for an easy read that's just plain entertaining - look no further!

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