Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Book Shelves

Had to organize my bookshelves to make room for new books that I have coming in the mail. Thought I'd take a few pictures of my collection. Not displayed attractively, but I just needed to get them all in there!


  1. Are your shelves actually bending under the weight of all your books or is it just the camera angle? I can't get all mine on shelves. The top of my entertainment center currently houses 6 piles of books and the top of one bookshelf is my living is piled high with books almost equalling the height of the bookshelf. These are just TBR books. Well, happy reading anyway!

  2. The shelves are actually bending :( I need another shelf, but I have no room.

  3. That. Is. BEAUTIFUL. Lol! I would sigh every time I walked in there!