Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wondrous Strange by Lesley Livingston

Since the dawn of time, the Faerie have taken. . . .

For seventeen-year-old actress Kelley Winslow, faeries are just something from childhood stories. Then she meets Sonny Flannery, whose steel-gray eyes mask an equally steely determination to protect her.

Sonny guards the Samhain Gate, which connects the mortal realm with the Faerie's enchanted, dangerous Otherworld. Usually kept shut by order of icy King Auberon, the Gate stands open but once a year.

This year, as the time approaches when the Samhain Gate will swing wide and nightmarish Fae will fight their way into an unsuspecting human world, something different is happening . . . something wondrous and strange. And Kelley's eyes are opening not just to the Faerie that surround her but to the heritage that awaits her.

Now Kelley must navigate deadly Faerie treachery—and her growing feelings for Sonny—in this dazzling page-turner filled with luminous romance.

Wondrous Strange is a richly layered tale of love between faerie and mortal, betrayal between kings and queens, and magic . . . between author and reader. (

WOW. I am absolutely in love with this novel. When I saw the cover months ago I knew I had to have it, and I read great reviews, but I tried not to expect too much going in. I had such high expectations that I was afraid I might be disappointed. I wasn't. This book was amazing. I was pulled into the story from the moment I started reading. I adored all of the characters and became lost in the rich description and storytelling. I really enjoyed the connection with Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, and loved the whole theatre aspect. It really made me miss my high school drama club days!

Is it possible for a novel to be pretty? Because pretty is definitely a word that comes to mind when I think of Wondrous Strange. The author described the scenes and characters in such a way that I felt as if I was seeing them before me. The novel was as strangely and terribly beautiful as the fae that Livingston described in her story.

I am so glad this book is only the first in a series, because I am certainly thirsting for more! I believe you will be as well, so please pick up this book. If you're disappointed, I will be shocked.

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  1. Ohh, I've heard so many great things about this book. I'll have to add it to my wishlist! :)